What is it like working at Continental? A worker t...

What is it like working at Continental? A worker tells the story from the inside

At the new plant in Continental Aguascalientes, local talent will take a leading role in its growth; the company will provide more than a thousand jobs with competitive salaries and attractive benefits, with which it expects to maintain a low level of employee turnover and unparalleled preparation and performance.

Under the leadership of Ina Seterbakken, the company’s Project Leader, local talent will be sought to be developed through cooperation with state universities. The firm is currently looking for engineers with specialties in industrial processes, logistics, quality, among others, as well as specialists in finance and controlling and human resources.

How does Continental work?

Innovación Económica had the opportunity to meet and talk with 3 collaborators, who told us about the advantages of working for this company. Below we present the case of Álvaro Lira:

Álvaro is the first employee of Continental in Aguascalientes, he is a quality engineer for new products and he has been working for one year and a month within the GF (Green Field) project.

Joining the company represented a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally, but also a career challenge since he had to launch a manufacturing site with Continental’s quality and technology standards in the global industry.

His recruitment was like any other, he signed up for the project and had to pass a series of screening tests within human resources to determine his capabilities, which were always suitable for his position.

“My objective is to keep developing my intellect and quality as a person to continue contributing to the industry as well as to society.”

Continental is a place with several advantages, the synergy between the different areas of the company, the readiness of the employees to support each other, the unique benefits offered to the employees, the constant training they receive to develop new skills, among others.

According to Álvaro, Continental’s work environment can be summarized in 4 key concepts:

  • Friendly
  • Challenging
  • Support
  • Trust