We Are Grapevine: The Great Ally of Aguascalientes...

We Are Grapevine: The Great Ally of Aguascalientes’ Grape Growers

In recent years, Aguascalientes’ grape production has been enjoying a great boom. Not only does the state have the perfect weather conditions and altitude for vine growing, but the product has led to increasingly closer ties between the community, promoting cooperation and common strength.

Since 2009, a key factor in this union has been the Somos Vid (We Are Grapevine) Production System, an organization that has been able to encourage all types of grape producers, regardless of their size, by providing training, incentives, and managerial assistance.

One of Somos Vid’s greater contributions to the local productive sector has been the Added-Value Center (CVA), located in the facilities of Universidad Tecnológica del Norte de Aguascalientes (Technological University of Northern Aguascalientes). The center operates as a business incubator for everyone interested in producing wine.

With over fifteen grape varieties, including Malbec, Syrah, and Tempranillo, the initiative has helped more than 70 wine labels become consolidated. Three of them received prizes at the 2019 Mexico Selection by Concours Mondial: the 2018 Irana Malbec Rosé (grand gold medal), the 2018 Fumata Blanca “Arte y Fuego,” (silver medal), and the 2018 Vinicola Hasen-Rosato de Staccato (silver medal).

At present, more than fifty tons of grape are produced every year in the state. There is even a waiting list for those who want to produce wine at the CVA, which is why the quality of grapes is seriously taken into account and producers have a three-year time limit to produce their wine in the incubator.

Adriana Aguirre, a member of Somos Vid, says that the CVA, apart from being one of the main contributions to the sector, has managed to work hand in hand with the Department of Rural and Agribusiness Development to stimulate projects like the Wine Trail. They have also helped the whole wine production chain, from the farmer to the end consumer, going through suppliers, providers of industrialization processes, storekeepers, haulers, certifying bodies, and research institutes. 

Somos Vid’s main responsibility is creating bonds between the producers of the more than 1,000 hectares of dessert and wine grape in the state by proving them with tools to make their business more profitable. They offer consulting services and work as mediators for grower to get more benefits and gain more knowledge. This way, producers will be able to meet the innocuity standards necessary to expand their markets.