This Is How the Airport Was Transformed in Aguasca...

This Is How the Airport Was Transformed in Aguascalientes

All around the world, we have begun living a ‘new normal’ that, without a doubt, no one expected. Governments, private sector, and, of course, society have had to find and adapt to mechanisms that allow them to innovate and face the situation.

In this context, when the sanitary contingency started, the Aguascalientes International Airport had to adapt to all the sanitary and prevention measures established by federal authorities and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC). After all the official protocols were implemented, the management started evaluating virus progression and with it, the dynamics of users and collaborators.

 “With the deceleration of passenger traffic in the airport, we were able to notice areas of opportunity that we could attend to”, said Alejandro Rojas, Director of the Aguascalientes International Airport. Thus, despite the reduction in number of passengers at the terminal, actions were taken to continue operating commercial, emergency, and national security flights. 

And so, the airport community in Aguascalientes continued working. Appropriate operating mechanisms were implemented and hygiene and sanitations standards were complied with. By complying with such standards, the airport earned the #SafeTravels certification, a badge that places it in the international scene and guarantees passengers that they are in a safe place which has received international recognition.

During an interview with Innovación Económica, Rojas mentioned that obtaining said recognition allows for the harmonization of health procedures, not only in Mexican airports, but also in other companies, thus becoming an example for other companies to get the certification and contribute to generate trust among their users. Companies getting the certification will give prominence to Aguascalientes and, with that, position the Airport as a strategic facility for the economic development of the state.

At present, all the airports licensed by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), including the International Airport of Aguascalientes, have standardized their preventive measures to guarantee user safety and anticipated new challenges through innovative proposals.

Society, commerce and everyday behaviors have changed. In these extraordinary times, Mexico, Aguascalientes, and the airport industry are responsible for guaranteeing the safety and health of all passengers and, in so doing, for safeguarding the operation of the safest means of transportation.

Recommendations to users prior to going to the airport:

  • Reduce to the minimum the number of people going to the airport. If possible, only the passengers should go.
  • Arrive with enough time to perform the documentation process. Three hours before for international flights and two hours before for domestic flights. It is recommended, if possible, to perform the check-in online. 
  • Only passengers properly identified with an electronic boarding pass or trip reservation will be granted access into the Terminal, as well as companions to passengers with disabilities, reduced mobility or minors.
  • Wearing face masks is obligatory to access the terminal and during your whole stay in the airport.
  • Comply with the sanitary inspection procedure which consists of body temperature measurement and the handing over of the Risk Factors Identification Questionnaire, which, in order to minimize the time spent at the terminal and add comfort, can be filled out ahead of time at the following web address:
  • Reduce the number of carry on items so as to facilitate the inspection process at the passenger security check points.