The program that guides you step by step

The program that guides you step by step

In March 2019, the Entrepreneur Support Network (RAE) started operations to strengthen and spur state entrepre- neurs and SMEs on to greater efforts, for they represent 99.8% of all economic units. However, the great majority will not survive beyond two years.

RAE’S ultimate objectives are to offer consulting services through their 15 certi ed specialists and to spread the information on programs and services from the State and Federal Governments among the population. This will ob- viously help detonate business growth in Aguascalientes.

The project, operated by the Department of Economic Development (SEDEC) through the State Institute for Busi- ness Management and Regulatory Improvement (IGEMER), envisages the possibility to have one specialist in each mu- nicipality so that entrepreneurs and SMEs can easily reach them, regardless of the distance.


If you want a specialist to diagnose your company or busi- ness idea, follow this process:

1. Log on to and click on “agendar cita”

2. Select one of the 10 key spots where RAE has of ces (different municipalities of Aguascalientes).

3. Make an appointment, select the date, time, and location that suits you best

4. Tell us about yourself. Enter all data you are required to submit.

5. Con rm reservation. This is the step that nishes the process. Bring an ID.


The program ends in November. If you believe it can help you strengthen your company, we suggest you call as soon as possible.