The Perfect Fruit in Face of Water Scarcity

The Perfect Fruit in Face of Water Scarcity

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in anti-oxidants and known by many because it is one of the ingredients in the chile en nogada traditional Mexican dish. It is also consumed as fresh fruit and used in the production of juice, syrup, jams, and ice-cream.

Aguascalientes has joined the production efforts of this emblematic fruit. Pomegranate is one of the new 12 crops that have been encouraged by the Productive Reconversion Program of the Department of Rural Development and Agribusiness (SEDRAE).

Currently, there are 21.6 hectares of pomegranate—4 of which existed already and 17.6 in a test phase—that were first planted two years ago. Formal production starts in the fourth year, with harvests in the months of July, August, and September. According to projections by the Department, a  7.7 ton production per year is expected.

In the state, 19 producers from the municipalities of Aguascalientes, Asientos, Calvillo, and Jesús María have bet on this crop thanks to the support given by SEDRAE, with part of the investment of the plant to make their land more productive, and to generate higher profitability in the agricultural activity.

Fermín Hernández Martínez, a producer from Calvillo, is one of them. He believes that pomegranate is a fruit with great economic profit as it needs little water to produce.

“In 2019, thanks to the support from the government, we planted 1 hectare with 800 trees that are now being harvested. We have commercialized in the national market and we want to go ahead for the benefit of everyone”, said Hernández Martínez.