The New Isla San Marcos, a Family Place

The New Isla San Marcos, a Family Place

When Luis Rivera took up the position of director at Isla San Marcos, a transformation project began. Rivera has brought the place to life by focusing on adapting spaces for the families of Aguascalientes to make the most of them.

Part of the transformation consisted in the refurbishment of palm shelters and a new children’s playground that will offer more options for people who want to have gatherings and birthday parties. Additionally, 800 hundred trees have been planted and public grills will be set to create a more appealing family environment. Maintenance has also been carried out on the bridge and the clocktower.

Rivera said that there are several short-term projects that aim at children and adult entertainment, like a new lienzo charro—with a capacity of seven thousand people—that will host the 2021 national charro congress. The event, where 150 charro and over 100 escaramuza teams will be competing, is expected to generate revenues of as much as $300 million and receive more than 100 thousand visitors.

“It’s important both for locals and tourists to know that Isla San Marcos, apart from holding larger events like the San Marcos National Fair, the Calaveras Festival, and the Villa Navidad Fest, is open all year round. People can exercise in the mornings, have photo shoots, social events, and so on. A public gym for people who like to work out outdoors will be set soon,” said Rivera.

Another project in the pipeline has to do with promoting gastronomy on the weekends. Visitors will be offered a variety of good restaurants to enjoy high quality meals after a walk with their families. Facilities are equipped to offer services to senior citizens and people with special needs so that everybody can enjoy all the areas Isla San Marcos has for them.