The National Chamber of CANACO Commerce and Touris...

The National Chamber of CANACO Commerce and Tourism Services of Aguascalientes

CANACO seeks to support and help companies unite to create synergies that will benefit the commerce, services, and tourism industries.

Established 113 years ago, it is the oldest business chamber in the state and currently includes 3,600 registered members. The commercial sec- tor alone represents 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Aguascalientes and, according to data by the National Statistics Institute (INEGI), exceeded $170 billion in 2015.

With the objective of defending its members’ interests, CANACO is present in the most important public and private organizations of Aguas- calientes, with voice and vote in councils, boards, and committees such

as the Business Coordination Board (CCEAGS), the Mexican Workers’ Housing Institute (INFONAVIT), the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO), the Tax Administration Service (SAT), state and local departments, and federal, state, and local councils.

The Chamber also offers training courses, conferences, workshops, and seminars to meet business owners’ and entrepreneurs’ needs