The Legacy of Armando Ávila After a 37-Year Trajec...

The Legacy of Armando Ávila After a 37-Year Trajectory

Widely recognized and respected in the automotive industry worldwide, Armando Ávila Moreno is retiring from Nissan, after a successful 37-year trajectory during which he held the position of Manufacturing Vice President for 15 years.

“Ávila San”, as he is respectfully called by the Japanese, majored in Mechanical Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes (ITA), where he started structuring a prolific career which would lead him, upon graduation, to achieve a series of accomplishments inside the Japanese company. For instance, the 2016 production record of 863 thousand vehicles, and an unparalleled number of over half a million engines for exports. 

It is no coincidence that he is the Mexican who reached the top position of this organization worldwide: throughout his trajectory he obtained five Global President’s Awards, the highest recognition inside Nissan Motors, highlighting his appointment as Executive of the Year in 2014 by Nissan’s CEO; awards which made the automotive industry turn its eyes to Aguascalientes and its working team.

Since his first years in the company, Ávila Moreno understood, with surprising maturity, the relevance of collaboration towards accomplishing great results. According to him, it was teamwork,  a topic he is passionate about, that led him to coin the term “One Team Spirit”:

“A very important element of business is leadership, but a kind of leadership that is rooted in a genuine interest to inspire people and build teams. At the end of the day, leadership helps us create the synergy that gives us the strength we will apply in the future”, underlined Ávila Moreno. 

Undoubtedly, his humbleness, generosity, discipline, and perseverance, but above all, the team- work philosophy and team synergies, will prevail in the company upon his leaving.