The Land That Brought Cuatro Soles Into The World

The Land That Brought Cuatro Soles Into The World

Since 1964, the company founded by Don Luis Ferruccio Cetto has placed great trust in this small, central Mexico state by choosing the Delicias Valley to cultivate its more than 700 vineyard hectares. Since then, Valle Redondo has successfully positioned itself in all the country.

Five years ago, the company launched the Cuatro Soles (Four Suns) brand into the market, increasing its popularity among Mexican consumers, and even with consumers in other parts of the world, as this wine is sold in places as far as Central America and the United States. Under the philosophy of democratizing the consumption of wine, Cuatro Soles has little by little accomplished to put an end to the pretenses around wine, and to eliminate the idea that one must be a connoisseur in order to drink it. Furthermore, Cuatro Soles has also got the advantage of offering quality products at an accessible price.

Alejandro Cetto, CEO of Valle Redondo, comments that his biggest market is in Mexico with people who begin enjoying this savoring experience, and who look for a friendly and well-balanced wine, of a simple profile, characteristics that are favored by the land and the weather of the locality. 

“We are very familiar with the lands of Aguascalientes, and we believe that their microclimate is great for our needs. Their cold nights and warm days favor the ripening of our grape varieties and give them a fruitiness that favors our young wines”, he states.

Cuatro Soles knows that the wine drinking experience may be different according to—among other characteristics—the type of grape. Therefore, they offer 10 unique labels. According to the CEO, the most popular are those with a sweeter flavor, such as merlot, white, and fruity red, blend, and sparkling red.

With the continuous growth of the brand, and with more labels in its catalogue, Alejandro approves of the launching of The Wine Trail, a touristic product that he considers to have a great potential, as it offers the possibility to escape from the routine, respecting sanitary protocols with outdoor activities and reduced groups of people, increasing job opportunities for everyone involved in the maintenance of the vineyards and winegrowing.