The fields of Aguascalientes, a reference for the productive reconversion

There are more and more projects by producers who have added value, technology and innovation, increasing profitability and above all, they benefit the families that depend on this important sector. 

During these four years of government, the agricultural industry has been one of the most supported, as evidenced by the fact that our state is in the top 10 for the 12 products that the country exports; from 2017 to date, the budget allocated to programs in the agro-food sector has increased by 112%; and to date, 78% of the six-year goal for productive reconversion has been met.

Thanks to the efforts of this administration, the Secretariat of Rural and Agribusiness Development (SEDRAE) and producers have 1,560 hectares of new crops such as blueberries, strawberries, grapes, figs, walnuts, pomegranates, olives, asparagus, avocados and lemons, some of which are opening the door to markets abroad.

Only in the program for productive reconversion of figs there are already more than 20 producers, who are promoting this crop in the state, since they already have a planted area of 15 hectares, of which 60% is already being harvested for the first time.

Similarly, in order for more and more producers to increase their profitability and comply with safety and certification requirements to expand their market, several of them have been trained, and 35 have benefited from updating their knowledge with the certification course in Productive Reconversion offered by the Universidad Politécnica in Aguascalientes.