The event that will introduce new sectors of state...

The event that will introduce new sectors of state growth

StartSmart, one of the country’s most important business events, is back in Mexico thanks to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum and the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDEC). StartSmart is a platform that connects the industry in Aguascalientes with theworld’s latest trends in entrepreneurship and innovation.

University students, young businessmen, and entrepreneurs from the state will be able to interact with global leaders of institutions like the MIT and Harvard, CEOs of companies like Cabify and Intel, and emerging entrepreneurs of companies like Oaxaca Aerospace.

Conference and workshops will be offered by specialists working in companies of interest for Aguascalientes’ economic development. Among the topics are: Supply Chain for SMEs, MIT entrepreneurial models, and development of high impact ecosystems. Moreover, concepts and research work on the pharmaceutical, mobility, and aerospace industries will be covered.

StartSmart will take place on August 30-31. Registration opened on August 1st. Fees for students attending the event are MXN $600 (one day) and MXN $900 (two days), and fees for businessmen are MXN $800 (one day) and MXN $1,200 (two days). The Ministry, however, will offer one thousand free passes for people from the state who want to attend the business workshops and conferences.

To get one of the free passes please call SEDEC at 9102611 ext. 5933 or email

Entrance is fully covered. Pre-registration must be done at