The digitalization of municipalities

With the objective of developing a scientific culture in municipalities of Aguascalientes, the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC), in coordination with the Institute for Knowledge Society Development (IDSCEA), works on different programs all year long.

One of these programs is the Science, Technology and Innovation Houses (CITEIN). CONACYT provided federal funding (1.5 million pesos) to CITEIN to start operations. Fifty-two of these houses-turned-centers are spread across the eleven municipalities of Aguascalientes, where science, math, chess, basic microscopy, and digital literacy workshops are offered.

Thanks to these spaces, people in communities are now able to set appointments and start procedures for several government offices, print personal documents, and learn to use social media to communicate with their relatives.

CITEIN, furthermore, organizes programs like “Gazing at the Stars,” spring and summer camps, and the National Week of Science and Technology.
In the latter, a Microsoft Office training course was given for the Center for Addiction and Prevention “Caminando a la vida A.C.,” where ten young people received their certifications.