The Calaveras Festival and its tradition in Aguasc...

The Calaveras Festival and its tradition in Aguascalientes

La Catrina is the source of this singular tradition, which shows not only the custom to the cult of the dead, but also the artistic expression of the Mexican people”

The Calaveras Cultural Festival is the second most important tourist event of the state. La Catrina is the origin of this typical tradition, which displays not only the custom of the cult to the dead by the Mexican culture, but also the enormous artistic capacity of the Mexican people. The festival unfurls art, magic, beauty, and mysticism  to preserve and commemorate the singular Mexican cult to the dead.   

In recent years, the festival has gained a notorious position abroad, hosting tourists from Canada, The United States of America, Brazil, Spain, China, Ethiopia, Chile, Peru, and Japan.

The singularity of this festival is that it honors the renowned engraver José Guadalupe Posada, born in Aguascalientes, who in 1912 created “La Calavera Garbancera” (also known as La Catrina), a famous metal engraving which has become the icon and banner of this celebration.

The whole town of Aguascalientes becomes “Calavera”, and fuses into one big party to honor their dead.

The Magnificent Calaveras Parade goes through Madero Avenue as the main attraction, with floats and dance groups around a Mexican Literature theme, having a guest of honor who will be paid homage.

It is thus that Aguascalientes and its towns become a stage filled with gastronomy, handcrafts, processions, concerts, theater, and, of course, the traditional bread of the dead. 

In the “Calaveras Festival” you can find a myriad of activities such as:

  • Rides
  • Exhibits of “Altars for the dead” 
  • Light the feet of the dead: A hike on the foot of the Cerro del Muerto (Hill of the Dead) 
  • Medieval fight tournament
  • Theater
  • Living altars 
  • International bullfights 
  •  Aguascalientes marathon
  • Traditional Calaveras parade 
  • The Escaramuza Fair (Charrería)