The best moments of Aguascalientes at the Hannover Messe 2019

The attendance of Aguascalientes to the most important industrial fair in the world was a great opportunity to position the local products and services in the markets of countries with which previously there were no alliances.

Under this mission, the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedec), together with eight local companies and the Universidad Panamericana de Aguascalientes, generated connections with renowned organizations and companies during the Hannover Messe 2019. Here are the most important moments.

New business partners on the doorstep

Hannover was an ideal setting for forming new business partners and continuing to attract those who already have a presence in the state. During the fair, representatives of the Secretariat of Economic Development met with the governments of Sweden, Qatar and Germany to generate joint projects.

There was an apparent possibility of collaborating with Sweden in energy and technology matters, since this European nation has great expertise in innovation and sustainable development. This was presented as an example at a global level during the Hannover Messe, where it was the partner country.

Commercial and tourism opportunities arose with Qatar. This eastern nation has just appointed an ambassador in Mexico, so it seeks to improve bilateral trade in food and tourism. One of the initiatives on the doorstep of this nation, which will host the 2022 World Cup, is to create a new airway for direct flights connecting both countries.

Germany showed interest in continuing to increase diplomatic relations with Aguascalientes. Its embassy shared with Sedec plans to collaborate in academic and labor mobility, as well as to encourage new German investments in our state, which in the last two years amounted to more than $386 million dollars.

Towards technological trends

To think like the great ones, you have to hang out with the great ones. The Aguascalientes delegation, accompanied by businessmen and students, attended meetings with companies such as Festo, Siemens and Audi's electrical division, to explore their trends within the international industry.

According to the Secretariat of Economic Development, the objective of the meetings was to share with the directors of each firm the best practices in topics such as efficient use of energy, use of resources, automation solutions and projects for intelligent cities.

This technological exploration was also oriented to bring projects that promote technological learning in children and adolescents of our State. Sedec representatives went to the Science, Automation and StartUps pavilions of the Hannover Messe to link up with German agencies and research centers and thus bring new didactic resources to the entity.

Driving Mexico from the Inside

The commercial promotion and the promotion of investment and development of Aguascalientes was one of the most important missions of Sedec at the Hannover Messe 2019. In its stand “Driving Mexico from within”, the agency promoted the linkage of companies, universities and government as a differentiator of the state.

The companies Solinda, GP Desarrollos, PEASA, Maindsteel, Vega, Guerrero y Asociados, Vesta, Finsa and Omega Construcciones showed the main advantages of investing in Aguascalientes, while the Universidad Panamericana presented its technology and strategic alliances with the best institutions in the world.

For its part, Sedec generated a link with the Industrial Development division of the UN, UNIDO, under the objective of collaborating in the commercial promotion of Aguascalientes to different parts of the world. It also connected local companies with international firms to increase their presence outside the state, as was the case of the alliance between Solinda and the Polish company Classic Metal.

He also shared promotional information about the National Fair of San Marcos as an iconic event for the cultural and tourist identity of our state, which had a great acceptance for the foreign community that did not yet have Aguascalientes on their radar.