The Aguascalientes Businessman Who Laid Biodegrada...

The Aguascalientes Businessman Who Laid Biodegradable Straws on the Table

Óscar Daniel Ramos Castellanos won the 2018 State Youth Prize in the category of Sustainable Practices for the Environment. His project: A company that is attempting to revolutionize food consumption both in Aguascalientes and across the country.

After graduating from college, this young businessman had the opportunity to work with several NGOs that inspired him to transform his surroundings. The environment, and the way in which it has been exploited in the last years, represents for him one of the utmost urgencies of today’s society. That is why he founded Cáscara Empaques Biodegradables*.

“While I was in college, I became socially aware. After graduation I started to work with a group made up of more than fifty civil associations. There I saw the problems and opportunities that go along with looking after the environment through biodegradable foodservice products”

This project has been under development for four years, but it was not until 2016 that the local market began to follow a strong trend towards eco friendly products. A year later, the Cáscara (peel, in English) brand was launched and today they distribute their products to over fifty clients in La Paz, Los Cabos, and Zacatecas.

Oscar’s success is owed, to a large extent, to his work as a consultant at the Competitiveness and Innovation Center of the State of Aguascalientes (CECOI). His closeness to the activities in the Center allowed him to position his brand and consolidate his company’s internal processes.

“Businesses are very used to keeping low supplies costs, and Cascara’s main objective is to increase the benefit these products represent. Social responsibility is a question our clients consider appropriate and has been of great help to us,” said Oscar.

A Plastic-Free National Fair

Cáscara introduced 12,500 cornstarch cups at the 2017 San Marcos National Fair. These cups biodegrade in a period of 90 to 180 days. “We’ve done our bit to reduce the amount of garbage generated during the fair,” affirmed Oscar.

The brand expects to take a more active role during the 2020 festival to meet the objective of holding a plastic-free celebration.

*Cáscara Biodegradable Packaging