Sweden, the technological power that keeps its eye...

Sweden, the technological power that keeps its eye on Aguascalientes

On the second day of Hanover Messe 2019, the Secretariat of Economic Development of Aguascalientes (Sedec) had a business meeting with the Minister of International Affairs of Sweden, Camila Mallander, who shared plans for collaboration with Aguascalientes in the energy and technology sectors, as well as in the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The commercial representative from Sweden expressed her interest in working together with Aguascalientes due to its industrial potential and its climatic qualities in order to be able to develop solar parks. Energy projects are attractive for this country, as the generation, transmission and storage of energy are an important part of its economy.

Sweden is Germany’s partner in this year’s Hannover Messe, a distinction that Mexico also received in the previous edition. Although its population barely exceeds 9 million and it has a territory that is less than half the size of our country, this small European country is a leader in intelligent industry.

It also has a presence in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, chemical and medical, which coincide with the economic projection of Aguascalientes for the next 25 years. Likewise, it is one of the European nations that gives greater support to the creation and projection of its companies with a tendency oriented towards innovation, which also represents an interesting proposal for our state.

In addition to its industrial potential, the European country has strongly pushed for sustainable development in each of its sectors. Particularly in the automotive sector, it has generated its own green lithium-free batteries for electric models, in addition to building adequate infrastructure for this type of ecological mobility.

Sweden does not yet have an investment in Aguascalientes, but according to Sedec representatives, this country is a reflection of the importance of attending the Hannover Messe as a showcase for finding strategic partners who are doing things well in different parts of the world:

“Sweden sends a message to the world that, despite its size and adverse conditions – such as little sunshine, much cold and darkness – it has found in creativity a formula to solve its own challenges,” explained members of the secretariat.