Sumitomo and the economic dynamism of the state

Sumitomo and the economic dynamism of the state

An outstanding economic dynamism, an attractive business climate, among other virtues, have made Aguascalientes the ideal place for the installation of world-renowned companies. That is why this time one of the most important global companies with a presence in the state shares its experience as part of the entity’s industrial development and its vision for the future:


By 2018 the company had reached a yearly surplus. Sumitomo’s main production plant is in Osaka. The company manufactures cable harnesses, speed sensors, central panels, circuits, compound semiconductors, irradiated products, copper conductors, and polyamide tubing.

Why Aguascalientes?

“The first reason was the fact that there were several Japanese companies with operations in Aguascalientes with whom we already had a business relationship, but the state’s infrastructure, with Japanese-speaking health professionals and a strong Japanese culture circle, played an important role. Besides, it is one of the safest places in Mexico.”

What are Sumitomo’s plans?

“We are working to draw more orders and increase our profit. It is also in our plans to build a second plant.  We are about to receive confirmation from headquarters to begin construction and recruitment of local people. We want to start operations in 2020 and contribute to Aguascalientes’ economic growth.”