Reina Azul: Apiculture as a Lifestyle

Ever since she became an agronomy engineer, Ana Miranda never doubted in following the profession she had always been passionate about: apiculture.

Twelve years after she ventured in this industry with her microbusiness, Reina Azul (Blue Queen), Ana explains that it all started in a very natural way, she began selling to people close to her until the business grew more and more thanks to word-of-mouth and to the special care she puts into the process and her high quality standards.

With a production of approximately five tons per year, the brand has maintained both a market close to home and its artisan processes. She has also been able to imprint a personal touch in her production, as additionally to offering mezquite honey and “raw” multiflora—as it is usually called—Ana  has innovated in her business by combining additional flavors to her honey.

Kumquat and ginger, cinnamon and rosemary, thyme and lemon, are the three mixes with which Reina Azul has stood out, although Ana assures that she remains creative and in constant movement, trying new combinations and flavors.

Nature has always got something to teach us, and Ana affirms that bees are no exception, with their organization and balance:

“Apiculture teaches you to be patient and precise with time, you cannot procrastinate, if you do not follow their pace, they will move ahead, they have a perfect order. Everything around them is an impeccable world, and everything that they produce is useful for humans, including the honey, wax, propolis and jam.  Bees do not waste anything, going to the fields and watching how they work is a lesson of life”, she says.

After sharing and learning from these tenacious insects for such a long time, Miranda hopes to open her apiary to the public very soon, so that more and more people get to know and appreciate these insects better. Not only do they give us food, but they are extremely relevant to the environment.