Rafael Palos, a Hotel Career and Discipline

Rafael Palos, a Hotel Career and Discipline

“You must be better than me, that’s your commitment” were the words addressed to Rafael Palos Reyes by his father when he decided to leave the family hardware store and start his own business.

Although young Rafael had already made incursions into the hardware business, it was Mrs. Maria Luisa Medrano who encouraged him to enter the hotel industry. He decided to adapt the building he had originally wanted to rent as office space and made it a lodging facility. And that is how Rafael Palos began his career in the hospitality sector, with his Elizabeth Hotels.

Today, the effort and commitment Rafael has put into his service and facilities are reflected in the continuity of his two hotels. In 1999, thanks to his spirit of collaboration and outstanding work within the hotel sector, he received the Los Andrea Tourism and Gastronomy Award from the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels of Aguascalientes, where Palos held several positions.

Sports have also been a major ally to Palos. He plays tennis and volleyball, and even earned a black belt in karate. He started swimming at the age of 49 and made the Olympic Pool representative team. He has managed to transmit this tenacity to his profession because, by outdoing himself day after day, he maintains the quality of his business. 

“One of my greatest satisfactions is that my hotels are always leading the category and, just like in sports, we are always aiming for the goal medal. With the hotel business is the same, one must always lead and never settle,” said Palos.

Thirty-two years into the lodging business, Rafael assures to be satisfied with meeting his objective and living up to his father’s expectations. When asked about the advice he would give young business owners, he says it is very important to interiorize and supervise processes, and to remain upright in every aspect.

“(…) discipline in every scope, being that sports, business, or home. That’s the only way you achieve success. It’s what I try to transmit to my children, and it’s what I would like my children to transmit to my grandchildren. A business is a source of joy and development. It should not be seen as all work and no play, it’s about enjoying those around you,” added Palos.