Pont Aurrell drives the development of San Francis...

Pont Aurrell drives the development of San Francisco IV

Pont Aurell, a company of Spanish origin, started building its rst plant in the state to offer service to American
and Mexican customers. In 2018 Pont Aurell started full production. The company produces automotive carpets for foors and sides of some NISSAN models and other American carmakers.

Why Aguascalientes?

The proximity to KT Mex, our main client, was the rst reason for us to set up our company in Aguascalientes. The state’s connectivity, too, was something we took into account since Aguascalientes is well connected to the nearest ports. And that is a great advantage. Aguascalientes’ stable social security did in uence our decision as well.

What are Pont Aurell’s plans?

We want to double the plant in size by 2020; we already have the land. We want to strengthen a new line of production, which goes hand in hand with new projects we are currently planning.

How does Pont Aurell visualize the state’s economic development?
Aguascalientes’ growth is very orderly. The government makes sure new companies come from different sectors and in an organized way so that infrastructure is not exceeded by growth rate.