Pedro, Raúl, and Jorge to Promote Business Owners’...

Pedro, Raúl, and Jorge to Promote Business Owners’ Program

Aguascalientes is known for its hardworking people, constantly moving forward and proposing innovative solutions to achieve progress and encourage a healthy economy.

The value of work remains strong and has been a constant feature in every new project, which is why the Fund for Business Development of Aguascalientes (FONDEA) has been created. FONDEA’s objective is to generate financial support to the business sector of the state.

The Fund was established as a result of the alliance between the State Government and the Business Coordination Board of Aguascalientes (CCEA), the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX), and the Group of Industrialists of Aguascalientes (GIA). FONDEA will back development and innovation proposals from businesses in the state to maintain jobs and, in consequence, generate wealth.

“Small and large companies alike are part of COPARMEX. We developed, as result of a negotiation regarding the payroll tax, a fund to support the business sector called FONDEA and we expect many companies to tap this resource,” said Raúl González, president of COPARMEX

The alliance will give companies that get selected a chance to generate income and increase liquidity.

“We must give a boost to companies with possibilities to grow through low-interest loans. Keeping jobs is the best way to generate wealth,” pointed out Pedro Gutiérrez, CCEA’s president.

FONDEA is expected to strengthen local suppliers so that new technologies can be developed. These technologies will prove useful to beneficiary companies in all their processes, allowing them to take advantage of every chance for growth.

“Promoting small and medium-sized businesses through FONDEA will result in more jobs generated. This will help mitigate the state’s economic situation and add more potential to the production of raw materials and services,” stated Iván Hazael Sánchez, president of GIA.

“People in Aguascalientes are good and hardworking. We have achieved incredible synergies as we make agreements to progress. It’s all for our state’s benefit,” added Pedro Gutiérrez.

COPARMEX has a data base of approximately 400 companies of different sizes and sectors. All business owners can become members.

CCEA was founded in 1995 and is made up of 30 business organizations representing around 6,500 economic units.

GIA represents 28 state companies in the automotive, construction, logistics, and transportation industries. Its objective is sharing best practices and pursuing continuous improvement.