Nissan Mexicana resumes operations on Monday

Nissan Mexicana resumes operations on Monday

After two months of slowing down operations, thanks to the precision in the design and management of the sanitary protocols, this Monday more than 4 thousand people returned to their work in Nissan Aguascalientes.

The plant, which generates more than 12,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state, received a supervisory visit to verify that the proper sanitation protocols are being carried out for the safe return to operations. Governor Martin Orozco Sandoval thanked the company for its sensitivity and sense of social responsibility.

Orozco Sandoval said the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will affect the economy of Mexico and the world, so the commitment to the workers, who are the force that drives development, is to protect their health and their families, while ensuring their livelihoods.

During the visit to A2 silver, which started its operations at 100 percent, it was announced that shipments to the United States will resume, which means a reactivation for the local, national and international economy.

For his part, Armando Avila Moreno, Vice President of Nissan Mexicana, said it was a great challenge for the company to ensure that one hundred percent of employees who returned to work on Monday, have the necessary to leave their homes prepared with the measures that must be followed.

In addition, Avila Moreno said that in these weeks, the employees organized to make the donation of 1,200 provisions packages; in addition, the company provided protective equipment for the health sector, which underlines the sense of social responsibility of this company.

Likewise, it was announced that as a result of the contingency, the A2 plant of Nissan Aguascalientes will begin manufacturing safety equipment; n95 masks and surgical masks, for its personnel.