Movies in your town: projections of technology

Movies in your town: projections of technology

With the objective of bringing science and technology to all spots of Aguascalientes, the Institute for Knowledge Society Development (IDSCEA) and the National Council of Science and Technology, (CONACYT), launched the program “Movies in your Town”. Feature-length films and documentaries were projected free

of charge. Everybody was invited. The project helped bridge the digital gap and promote social harmony and family life.

The program is done every year. People have responded favorably in the eleven municipalities, and participation has increased year after year: 1,200 people attended in 2015, and the most recent event had the participation of 3,898. The project was conceived to educate through movies on topics related to robotics, basic science, information technologies, and science fiction. People all ages were happy and showed strong interest during the projections.

The Movies in Your Town tour began in El Llano and continued in Rincón de Romos. It was then taken
to the Multipurpose Auditorium in Cosío, the San Antonio velarium in San José de Gracia, and finally to the Cultural and Sports Dome in Calvilo, where the project was formally closed. The tour’s success has been such, that it will soon be taken out of the state, into a community of San Luis Potosí.