More Projects with Germany knock on State’s Door

More Projects with Germany knock on State’s Door

German Ambassador to Mexico Peter Tempel and several German businessmen who live in Aguascalientes met with representatives of the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDEC). The representatives presented our state’s competitive advantage to draw international, high impact projects.

SEDEC’s Deputy Secretary of Investment, Eduardo Infante Priego, stressed the state’s economic mainstays: a dual education system, our young human capital, and the opening of industrial research and development centers in recent years.

Company executives of German companies like Voestalpine acknowledged Aguascalientes’ capacities to do business and made special emphasis on the present administration’s willingness to support their growth. Economic Development Secretary, Luis Ricardo Martinez Castañeda, urged them to carry on their collaborative work to promote the development of both parties.

“We know there is still a lot to do and by working together we will be able to generate better opportunities for local people. We are working on the state’s diversification and Aguascalientes is a place of people in constant development, youth, and education,” said Martinez Castañeda.

Tempel, for his part, made special mention of SEDEC’s business approach, describing it as “inspiring and convincing.” Our relationship with the German community will become deeper, not only by strengthening our industry, but also by fostering education and promoting student mobility programs totheir nation.