Mario Sutti: A Life Vigorously Devoted to Agricult...

Mario Sutti: A Life Vigorously Devoted to Agriculture

The train passes very near Rancho AgroSutt and, as Mario hears the train’s thunder grow louder, he can’t help remembering the big steam engines that, for many years, employed thousands of families and are now part of the historic memory of Aguascalientes.

Just like the railroad industry here, Mr. Mario Sutti has witnessed and contributed to the development of Aguascalientes for over seventy years. Mr. Sutti says he has always lived in the ranch where he arrived in 1945, when he was only five years old. His mother, a native of San Luis Potosí, and his father, an Italian immigrant, had chosen Aguascalientes as the place to start a home.

Mr. Sutti describes his father as an enterprising man who made incursions into agriculture after trying his luck in mining. Little by little they started working the land and, in 1950, with the use of well water, they were one of the first families to begin vine-growing, although their production was small.

Once Mr. Sutti took over the ranch, his goal was to continue his father’s legacy and diversify their products. He added milk to his production, but did not neglect the produce he was already growing: garlic, vegetables, and fodder.

“With the growing of potato came good times. Producing this vegetable is costly but its yield is abundant, and it’s a short harvest crop.  Garlic was also good. With the help of several associates we managed to export garlic even to Australia,” said Mr. Sutti.

When asked about the big challenges he has faced in his long career, Mr. Sutti could not help mentioning cattle raising. “A good friend of mine, Don Nito Gutiérrez—one of the founders of Leche San Marcos—would say ‘remember, Mario, cows give, but they also take’.”

Cattle raising is complex, but it may also bring high added value, as Mr. Sutti’s youngest son has demonstrated by founding Sutti Dairy. He has inherited his father’s and grandfather’s energy because, as Mr. Sutti mentions, there is an immense number of opportunities in agriculture, yet the biggest challenge is to transform the primary production and continue moving forward.

“My father gave up everything in his country to come here. He demonstrated that Mexico was his land. If there is something we can learn from his fund of knowledge, it is that we must never surrender,” added Mr. Sutti.