Lemon, A Flourishing Fruit Thanks to Crop Reconver...

Lemon, A Flourishing Fruit Thanks to Crop Reconversion

Apart from demonstrating to be one of the sectors that best withstood the crisis derived from the pandemic, the agricultural industry keeps strengthening and exploring new ways of growth through the increased use of technology in their processes, the expansion of their markets, and a more efficient use of water and soil.

The state—especially the municipality of Calvillo—has demonstrated so with lemon as part of its crop reconversion program in search for better opportunities. The effort has received great impulse to continue growing.

Pedro Martínez, President of the Citrus Association of the State of Aguascalientes, told Innovación Económica Magazine that currently there are about 100 lemon producers registered, and a surface of 250 to 300 hectares in the state, a number that is expected to continue increasing as more agricultural businessmen envision the benefits of this crop.

Martínez specified that with the support of the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC), the lemon of Aguascalientes, compared to other types of lemon grown in areas closer to the coast, has got a very low level of the HLB plague. Additionally, our fruit needs little water, and has begun opening the doors to new markets.

With its high quality and good acceptance among consumers, the fruit is already being commercialized in northern Mexico and neighboring states such as Guanajuato. Lemon exports are expected  to start  very soon as its production is more promising every day. Next year, with approximately 5 kilograms of fruit per tree, we expect to have three harvests of 500 tons each, guaranteeing higher quality to producers. 

“We have a very big task with this fruit, boosting our orchards to start opening the market in other places. If it were not for the reconversion, people would look for other alternatives; thanks to this initiative we have higher profitability and support for our families”, added Martínez.