Jamoink: Love and Passion For Ham

Jamoink is a company that is one hundred percent from Aguascalientes, established in 2010 and focused exclusively to the commercialization and distribution of high quality imported food. Jamoink’s core business is providing goods to consumption centers such as restaurants, hotels, and delicatessens.

“Not only do we sell ham, but we are also promoters of the cured ham culture”,  said Hector Augusto Gil Pérez, owner of Jamoink.

Jamoink received a certification from the Consortium of Spanish Cured Ham as slicer of cured ham, and the brands it represents are committed to preserving the artisan processes of the products they distribute in order to continue bringing quality to all their consumers’ tables. 

“We started venturing into the high-expression catering service as the goods we use are gourmet. Additionally, we dress the most elegant tables, since we are experts in the raw material”, added Gil Pérez.

Today, Jamoink’s select line of products includes Spanish Cured Ham, Iberian Ham (Pata Negra), delicatessen, fine charcuterie, world renowned cheese, and gourmet products.

One of their great accomplishments was setting up a commercial stand called Jamoink To Go—located in Emiliano Zapata 411, Barrio de Guadalupe—adopting the European model of bulk sales at wholesale prices, with home delivery service, where customers can purchase all their products.

“This project was born before the pandemic. Nevertheless, launching it was a really good decision. We also launched our online store www.jamoink.com , which became a showcase nationwide. Now, with the lockdown, most of our sales are online. We consolidated our home delivery service with Jamoink Boxes, which can be excellent for all occasions”, concluded Gil Pérez.