ICTEA: a componenet of economic development that f...

ICTEA: a componenet of economic development that fosters self- employment and teamwork with SEDEC

In view of an ever-demanding labor market, the forming of professionals becomes paramount. Therefore, Aguascalientes’ State Government is particularly interested in strengthening organizations such as the Institute for Employment Training of Aguascalientes (ICTEA), whose mission is to elevate people’s quality of life through developing their skills in areas that facilitate employability and new business creation.

From its establishment in 1994, ICTEA has become one of the state’s major components in economic development because, apart from preparing people to join the labor market, the Institute offers training to companies that want to strengthen one of their divisions, contributing to their growth.

To meet that objective, the Institute offers ve types of services:

  • Continuing education courses
  • Business-speci c accelerated training
  • Work-related competency certi cations
  • Certifications from the National Council for Standardization and Certi cation of Labor Competencies
  • Special services like training needs analysis for companies, feasibility studies, and a job bank.

Approximately 182 courses of business-speci c accelerated training courses have been offered to 37 seven companies and 3,232 employees since 2017.

A total of 39,052 people has signed up for a training course with the present administration.

ICTEA is currently offering training courses in 19 high- demand areas requested by Aguascalientes. These are classi ed in 11 units:

1. German
2. Food and beverages
3. Executive assistance
4. Industrial clothing manufacture
5. Cosmetology
6. Carpentry
7. Electricity
8. Electronics
9. Hairdressing
10. French
11. Informatics
12. English
13. Japanese
14. Computer equipment maintenance 15. Machines-Tools
16. Automotive mechanics
17. Forklift operation
18. Refrigeration and air conditioning

19. Welding and metal fabrication