Givvy, the Platform That Seeks to Democratize E-Co...

Givvy, the Platform That Seeks to Democratize E-Commerce in Aguascalientes

Much has been said about the negative effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused to world economies. Nevertheless, there are cases where this event represented opportunities to grow, as it is the case of information technologies and communication, namely e-commerce.

Starting a business is not easy, let alone doing it twice. Starting a business for a third time is on a whole different level. That is the case of Gabriel Ornelas, a professional with over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technologies sector who is trying to have a profound impact on the highly competitive market of online sales by producing innovative technological solutions.

Throughout his career, Ornelas has occupied managerial positions at corporations as important as General Electric, Softtek, and Global Hitss. In 2011 he started his first IT company, IT Media Seekers, which has earned a prestigious name in the sector. Shortly afterwards, in 2016, Ornelas created a second company and, in 2019, the did the same with Nitla Technologies, a firm that focuses exclusively on innovative products development.

Against all odds, and in view of the complex scenario that predicted a reduction of this sector during the crisis, Ornelas decided to bet on the creation of this new company and developed his first product: Givvy.

“We detected a big necessity in companies to place their products online and we decided to support them in their digital transformation process,” affirmed Ornelas.

A new shopping experience

Givvy is a digital platform where firms can be connected to their guests at all times, manage their orders/reservations, offer their products and services, and present exclusive deals. They can even visualize and strengthen their brand nationally through a continuous exposure on the platform and on different websites. Furthermore, companies can divide their market into segments and access consumer information to create sales and advertising strategies.

A lot of state-of-the-art technology is involved in the project. It is made up of two mobile applications for iOS and Android that were developed with React Native open code and two websites programmed in Python. Everything is hosted on Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that is used by companies like Dropbox, Foursquare, and Hootsuite, and this generates confidence in users about the use of their data and a strong support from the platform

How does Givvy work? Businesses that hire its services get access to a dashboard where they can offer their products. When users arrive at one of the registered establishments, the app presents them with deals and offers them direct access. Users can even pay via the application.

“Givvy means offering small businesses with a tool that would otherwise require of a strong investment. It is an option for them to continue operating, regardless of the restriction they face,” highlighted Ornelas.