FedEx to Push Back the Boundaries of Aguascaliente...

FedEx to Push Back the Boundaries of Aguascalientes’ SMEs

Electronic commerce has experienced a steady growth in the last years, especially as a result of the combination of three elements—computer, internet, credit—that have become increasingly accessible to the population.

Additionally, the public health emergency has caused a very important part of the economically active population to remain working from home. Such a measure has triggered a significant rise in online sales which, subsequently, results in a proportionally increased residential delivery of products.

This context has brought about new opportunities to the logistics sector and, consequently, to FedEx. FedEx’s faster delivery service—FedEx Express—reported an increase of 110 percent from March to June in domestic deliveries compared to the same quarter in 2019.

While this opens endless possibilities for the national and international growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), there are still challenges they must overcome like, for example, advancing their digital platforms. According to data from FedEx and RGX Consulting, only 46 percent of SMEs have an online channel but not all of them are able to receive orders through it

In the view of this situation, FedEx Express in Mexico offers the segment support based on fast and reliable logistics that helps to their transformation and consolidation in electronic commerce. Moreover, the company provides this sector with the wide experience in global commerce and the tools that will enable businesses to break into international markets.

For over thirty years, FedEx has backed the growth of SMEs in Mexico through efficient solutions and a personalized service. This is why small and medium-sized businesses across the nation—and in the over 220 countries where FedEx has operations—have managed to expand their possibilities

In this sense, an agreement was entered into by the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC) and FedEx. Local business owners who need national and international delivery services will have access to more benefits as a result of this strategic alliance. As part of this agreement, FedEx Express Mexico will offer up to 40 percent off when hiring its services and provide workshops at different events to help companies get to their maximum growth capacity.

Innovación Económica Magazine interviewed Jorge L. Torres, Operations VP of FedEx Express Mexico. Torres emphasized the importance of promoting this productive sector of the country as 98 percent of the economic units depend on SMEs, which account for 52 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and employ 78 percent of the economically active population. These figures are also paramount to our state because SMEs generate 7 out of every 10 jobs.

He further detailed that there are several factors in Aguascalientes that enhance the quality of these types of alliances: the state’s strategic location in relation with its surrounding states, very qualified talent—not only in manufacturing but in different productive models, a safe environment… these are all competitive elements that strengthen investments. “Hence the importance of considering these elements not just to prevail, but to continue growing and investing in this Mexican state,” added Torres.

“These are tangible, hard facts, what FedEx Mexico is doing alongside the state government to substantially contribute to SMEs’ growth, to help them start exporting their products. That’s why we are committed to Aguascalientes, it is clear to us that this sector is very important and acts as the propeller of the state’s competitiveness, concluded Torres.