Tech Mahindra: The Technology Sector Grows Stronge...

Tech Mahindra: The Technology Sector Grows Stronger in Aguascalientes

Tech Mahindra, the Indian software technology developer, has spread across the state with a capital value of 5 million US dollars. The investment represents the company’s second project in Aguascalientes in only a year, which reflects their firm commitment to the state’s growth.

Company directors stated at the new plant inauguration that Aguascalientes’ outstanding growth indexes and talent generation motivated Tech Mahindra to increase their presence within the state. Moreover, they acknowledged that Mexico’s qualities promote business market on a global scale.

Ashwani Kumar, Indian Ambassador to Mexico, pointed out that Indian companies have invested nearly 3 billion US dollars in the country in the last 10 years, which represents over 30,000 jobs generated for Mexicans:

“Mexico is Latin America’s largest investor. Our companies are proud to contribute to the Mexican economy . . . we are also working in the cultural aspect . . . the great friendship between these two countries continues”, asserted the Indian representative.


The Company’s Holistic Impact

What does Tech Mahindra’s arrival in the state mean? We can define it in three main categories: diversification, talent recruitment, and high value-added job creation.

These three mainstays will be of great worth to the state because they are to be developed following the “triple helix” model, which is to say, they will generate joint projects between government, academia, and industry.

For the first element of the helix, Tech Mahindra will support Aguascalientes’ diversification through its experience in attractive sectors for the state. Governor Martin Orozco Sandoval explained that, while running projects in the aerospace, automotive, agribusiness, finance, logistics, and renewable energies industries, this company is going in the same direction the local industry wants to go.

Another important distinguishing feature of the company will be its relationship with institutions of professional and technical education. Tech Mahindra has forged alliances with state universities to guarantee, strengthen, and drive local talent towards better job opportunities.

With this agreement, students from Aguascalientes will have a chance to work as interns at the Indian company and to earn three or four times as much as what a similar company would offer them, which is a substantial benefit for the professional community.

By following this strategy, Tech Mahindra aims at keeping and hiring the talent they helped develop. Company representatives estimate minimum wages to start at MXN 20,000 for people who’ve recently obtained their undergraduate degree, which will represent more specialized jobs for Aguascalientes.

Investors’ Week in Aguascalientes

Tech Mahindra has joined another two high-impact projects in Aguascalientes that were announced this week: the expansion of Donaldson and the opening of the German group Voestalpine.

The arrival of these three companies has generated approximately 300 new jobs in the state. Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDEC) said these companies will take the business ecosystem of Aguascalientes to a higher level and offer better quality jobs in Aguascalientes.

The Undersecretary of Investment Promotion, Eduardo Infante Priego, commented that these three projects will diversify the state’s economic activity and will deliver people fit for Industry 4.0, which incorporates global trends in technology and development.

“The arrival of ever-specializing and increasingly competitive companies, dealing with superior quality global markets, communicates a positive message to other companies: An ideal ecosystem for cost-reduction is being born”, said SEDEC’s representative.