Start Smart, the Future is Built Today

Start Smart, the Future is Built Today

Aguascalientes and the world need problem solvers – entrepreneurs – specialists in a field of knowledge who can use the most advanced scientific and technological tools to transform ideas and projects into products and services that improve our quality of life.

These days, however, it is not easy for researchers or entrepreneurs to reach success unless they work in teams, collaborate, share knowledge, and maximize resources. They cannot do it solo.

That was the main topic of Start Smart Mexico, a scientific-entrepreneurial forum. This year’s event, called “Aguascalientes Building the Future”, was held at the Marriot Hotel on August 30 & 31 and was a joint project between the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDEC) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Governor Martin Orozco Sandoval, in his opening speech, delivered a message about the demands of the times we are living in:

“We have to meet what the world demands: science and technology. It is your time. Our obligation, as government, is to provide you with the tools necessary to create big entrepreneurs”

The event included a series of conferences, panels of experts, and workshops specialized in high-impact entrepreneurship, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries, the internet of things, along with logistics and supply chain.

The business and student communities, together with other members of society, attended the event. The two-day workshops also registered a considerable participation from people.

Carlos Muñoz, director of the Institute for Development of Knowledge Society of the State of Aguascalientes (IDSCEA), mentioned that events like this let us progress in the diversification of sources for personal growth and expand our knowledge as a society.

“What we look for through this forum is a close relationship with MIT; we want you to get in touch with and listen to those who oversee these changes, people who work to transform technology in a short period so that you can reinvent, strengthen, and boost growth in your companies”

Economic Development Secretary Luis Ricardo Martinez Castañeda, chief guest in the forum, reaffirmed the state government’s constant support in events of this nature:

“Participation from the government, along with university, entrepreneurial, and business society, is generating an economy that brings benefits to the state, always with a clear vision of the goal Aguascalientes is striving for.”

Lastly, Jose Pacheco, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Master’s Program at MIT, affirmed that the search continues for entrepreneurs, investors, and people who create solutions to major world problems, and that this will be a priority for state authorities.