Donaldson: An Example of Diversification and Const...

Donaldson: An Example of Diversification and Constant Growth

“Commitment” is a term that is frequently used but rarely met. Donaldson has excelled in doing the latter with Aguascalientes.

Apart from leading the job-generation field in the state (over 1300 jobs), Donaldson has actively participated in developing local talent for more than 34 years.

Guillermo Briseño, the company’s VP of Latin America, commented that Donaldson’s commitment to Aguascalientes is a consequence of the confidence offered by state workers, who “have responded in a timely manner whenever necessities arise in the sector.”

It is thanks to this that Aguascalientes, today, represents Donaldson’s largest manufacturing center worldwide. Apart from being a major company for the manufacturing industry, our state acts as a high value-added hub for business and technology development:

“Not only do we have the manufacturing, but we also offer high value-added jobs and develop businesses for all of Latin America. This allows us to create very interesting positions for Aguascalientes professionals. Donaldson’s success stories in the state are becoming more and more common,” said Briseño.


Diversification: A Shared Vision

Aguascalientes’ economic diversification project has grown stronger with the opening of Donaldson’s new facility, worth 25 million US dollars, that will generate around 145 new jobs.

Donaldson’s new plant will develop liquid filtration solutions through much more advanced technology. This will make it possible for the company to reach wider markets, not only new global customers, but also new industries like mining, construction, agriculture, transport, etc.

Donaldson’s vision matches that of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDEC). It aims at taking care of new markets to help Aguascalientes’ industrial growth. Moreover, by incorporating new technologies, the company will require more specialized professionals who are capable of tackling the challenges set by the global industry, which translates into better jobs for the state.


Constant Growth with Companies like Donaldson.

Donaldson’s VP underlined the state’s continuous growth over the past years. He referred to it as being the “spearhead” of central Mexico, as a result of the mindset of Aguascalientes’ professionals.

According to Briseño, the professional profile of the people from the state has a lot to do with Donaldson’s commitment towards Aguascalientes. He mentions that they are prepared, educated, driven people who are also followers of principles that accurately align with the company’s philosophy:

“Professionals from Aguascalientes have a very interesting mindset. They want to transcend, to leave their unmistakable mark, and do different things. This kind of attitude connects with Donaldson’s: if they want to transcend, we will transcend beside them.”