Do you know what exporting implies?

Many companies are increasingly turning to exporting as a way to grow revenue. However, without the necessary knowledge, exporting may not be the best choice.


It is the set of goods and services sent from a producing country (exporter) to another (importer) for sale or use.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Aguascalientes exported more than USD $9,600 million in 2018, which represents 22 percent more than the previous year. This shows a clear market opportunity for state companies. Nevertheless, before making a decision, several things must be taken into account:

1. Identifying the target market, considering its culture, customs, and ways of conducting business.

2. Determining promotional methods and forms of interaction with potential customers.

3. Knowing distribution channels.
4. Identifying possible competitors.
5. Considering nancial expenses (taxes, duties, etc.). 6. Possible restrictions in the country where business

will be done.
7. Reviewing commercial agreements that may benefit

the process.