Continental: Mobility of Tomorrow – from Agu...

Continental: Mobility of Tomorrow – from Aguascalientes to the World

“Seeing Aguascalientes as a prosperous, competitive, and diversified state” is the present government’s main objective, one that will lead us to a full economic development. The most important investment in this administration helped support that goal on November 1st, when the company made the official announcement.

Continental AG has confidence in Aguascalientes and has decided to invest over 80 million dollars in a plant that promises long-term projects for our industry. The German company will produce intelligent devices for autonomous driving such as intelligent antenna modules, light and door control units, and dashboards, among others.

According to company executives, Continental will generate more than one thousand jobs in its first stage and will start operations in 2019. The facility, to be located at FINSA Industrial Park, will include open/green spaces and will be partially powered by solar energy. This type of facility falls in the category of Central Electronic Plants.

There are only thirty plants of this kind within Continental—of the more than two hundred facilities worldwide, so Aguascalientes will occupy a special place for the brand. “We are happy about Aguascalientes being our new home. The state is noted for its robust automotive sector, the quality of its university graduates, a superb location, and its excellent research and development centers,” said Paulo Santos, executive director in Mexico.

Specialized Jobs, Competitive Salaries.

One of Continental’s maxims is the wellbeing of its human capital. The company employs over twenty- five thousand people in Mexico, but its commitments go well beyond providing employment.

Carlos Huerta, the company’s Project Manager, explained the labor program (still under development) will include competitive salaries, flexible plans, and constant training. All of this will benefit the personal and professional development of the states’ people

“We need people to build the mobility of tomorrow in Mexico, from a creative environment, who focus on the continuous improvement of human capital… The community will be benefited since, apart from creating jobs, we follow a social corporate responsibility program to improve our staff’s environment,” explained Huerta.

The Increasing Impact from German Companies

Economic Development Secretary, Luis Ricardo Martinez Castañeda, commented that Continental’s arrival is part of the state’s effort to increase German investment, which at present, represents
7 percent of incoming foreign capital.

Martinez also expressed that companies like Continental help Aguascalientes’ business climate through the organization, discipline, and human vision they profess; aspects that will be reflected in the formation of better professionals in the state.

“Continental has now become part of our social and economic lives, following the leadership and capacities that have allowed them to prevail in the global industry for over 150 years. It is a company

whose vision we share as a state. A state that is always aiming for higher specialization and diversification of its economy.