Companies representing Aguascalientes in the Hanno...

Companies representing Aguascalientes in the Hannover Messe

The Hannover Messe 2019 just began, the most important industrial fair in the world for its technological approach. There are 8 companies from Aguascalientes, which are representing the local industry. Get to know them:


Name: Solinda

Sector: Automotive / Metal-mechanic

Business: Manufacturer and Service Provider

Dedicated to the development of precision devices, assembly lines, robots and cabin programming, flame and adhesive cabins, power & free conveyors, among others. It is worth mentioning that this company supports the Dual Training Model.



Name: GP Real Estate

Sector: Industrial and commercial real estate

Business: Service Provider

Dedicated to the building and construction of industrial projects, office developments, commercial and public-private partnership projects.



Name: Grupo Constructor Peasa

Sector: Construction

Business: Service Provider

Dedicated to construction in Mexico for international companies. The company has clients in Japan, USA, Germany, France, Taiwan, Sweden, among others.




Name: Manufacturas Industriales

Sector: Metal-mechanic

Business: Manufacturer and maquila

Company focused on the manufacturing and marketing of metal products.



Name: Vega, Guerrero y Asociados

Business: Professional Services 

Turn: Service Provider

Dedicated to providing legal advice to foreign companies for investment in Mexico, hiring of foreigners, mergers, etc. The company has clients from Turkey, Spain, Canada and Thailand.



Name: Vesta Management

Sector: Industrial Real Estate

Business: Leasing of Industrial Buildings

Company dedicated to the leasing of industrial spaces since 1998.




Name: Finsa Portafolios

Sector: Industrial Developers

Business: Service Provider

Dedicated to the design, construction and operation of industrial projects around the



Name: OMEGA Construcciones de Aguascalientes

Sector: Industry and Services

Business: Service Provider and Construction

Dedicated to attracting investment, supervision, management and execution of integral construction projects. Supporting companies of any line of business to establish themselves in our country with a Win-Win policy. It promotes the use of new lighter and more resistant building materials such as carbon fiber, and also offers solutions for the efficient use of water.