CIATEQ: 26 years preparing companies for Aguascali...

CIATEQ: 26 years preparing companies for Aguascalientes’ future industry

Increasing local companies’ competitiveness and inserting them into the supply chains of key sectors like aeronautics is one of the objectives of the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC). This responds to the eminent economic diversification Aguascalientes is going through.
Meeting this objective depends largely on the triple helix, the collaboration between companies, government, and academia to promote economic growth.

Research Centers are a key element in this formula, and Aguascalientes has great representatives. CIATEQ is one of them, the first research center to start operations in the state 26 years ago. CIATEQ was a pioneer in research efforts and human resources-related specialized training to promote the modernization and improvement of productive, public, and social sectors.

CIATEQ Aguascalientes is a public center that specializes in advanced manufacturing and industrial processes. Apart from employing the most qualified human talent, the center is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure in the fields of virtual engineering, plants and construction engineering, advanced plastic and materials, gauging systems, mechanical systems, information technologies, and electronic and control technologies. Furthermore, CIATEQ offers a series of graduate studies for industry professionals.

For twenty-six years, this public research center has contributed to the state’s industrial growth through a number of highly successful projects–79 percent of these projects were developed to SMEs and 21 percent to the private industry.

CIATEQ, committed to training, has also offered different online courses to adapt to the safe distancing measures demanded by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am convinced that the combination of efforts as the key players in this new stage in which we are participating—joint ventures and technological strategic alliances with other institutions—will mark a watershed in the modernist economic development of Aguascalientes,” said CIATEQ’s Director Sergio Luna Flores.