Boosting Competitiveness of University Students

Boosting Competitiveness of University Students

The health contingency brought about by Covid-19 has changed worldwide dynamics, specially those related to education, science, and technological advances, which is why our country needs to adapt to these new realities and continue in the international race for competitiveness.

Aguascalientes has gradually become a hub for investment and attraction of new companies thanks to the quality of its human capital, its professional training programs, and its university students’ competitiveness.

In this context, the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC), through the Institute for Knowledge Society Development (IDSCEA), benefitted 279 university students with academic, mobility, and talent scholarships worth a total of $5.89 million.

Students receiving those grants belong to the Technological University of Aguascalientes (UTA), the Technological Metropolitan University of Aguascalientes (UTMA), the Technological University of Calvillo (UTC), the El Retoño Technological University (UTR), the Aguascalientes State University (UAA), the University of Arts (UA), the Polytechnic University of Aguascalientes (UPA), the Institute of Technology of Aguascalientes (ITA), the El Llano Institute of Technology (ITEL), and the Pabellón de Arteaga Institute of Technology (ITPA).

  • Academic scholarships aim at boosting students from all public higher education institutions in the state to support their family economy and reduce the student dropout rates.
  • Mobility scholarships are granted to students pursuing degrees related to the state’s productive areas (aerospace, automotive, information technologies, pharmaceutical, medical) in universities abroad. 
  • The Talent Program’s objective is to bring students closer to global educational trends. The program allows students to take part in academic activities that promote science and technology in Mexico and overseas.


Johana Montserrat Pasillas Ibarra

Metropolitan University of Aguascalientes

International Commerce, third semester

The grant will allow me to continue in the International Commerce program. I thank the State Government because they have supported us and are committed to improve young people’s knowledge and competencies so that they can start a career in global markets. I also want to thank them for all the attention they paid to us throughout the process.

Brayan Ignacio Acosta Acosta

Technological University of Northern Aguascalientes

Universidad Tecnológica del Norte de Aguascalientes

Productive Systems Engineering, last term. 

In Spain:

Oviedo University

Electronic, industrial, and automatic engineering.

I want to thank Dr Vanessa Campos Ibarra specially. She presented the scholarship information to us. And the State Government, of course, for granting the mobility scholarship to us. We used it to pay the rent, meals, university materials, and computer equipment.