Beyonz one of the companies that promotes the deve...

Beyonz one of the companies that promotes the development of San Francisco IV

Beyonz is a Japanese company that arrived in Aguascalientes in 2013. It produces automotive parts for transmissions, engines, and suspensions, along with coatings and insertions.

Why Aguascalientes?

“The state offers a lot of benefits, such as qualified labor, high quality of life, high quality education, and a safe environment, just to mention a few.”

What are Beyonz’s plans?

“We are one of the few companies in Mexico producing both automotive and mold products. We are going to expand our sales network not only to Japanese manufacturers but also to manufacturers of foreign capital.”

How does Beyonz visualize the state’s economic development?

“We, as foreigners who live and enjoy this beautiful country, appreciate the state’s safety. We find Aguascalientes particularly safe. We are experiencing the remarkable economic development that sets it apart from other states in Mexico.”

“The bonds and commercial relationships between Mexico and Japan are also very strong now. We, for our part, are working hard to unify the Japanese and Mexican cultures to raise productiveness in our people.”