AMEXME more than 50 years supporting women entrepr...

AMEXME more than 50 years supporting women entrepreneurs

Fifty two years ago, the Mexican Association of Businesswomen started operations in Mexico
City. Their mission is to unite businesswomen by boosting their participation through better opportunities that create jobs and generate cashflow.

AMEXME opened its of ces in Aguascalientes in 2018. In a very short period, the association has successfully helped—through constant training three entrepreneurs to formalize their business activity. Their members have also managed to sign contracts with local institutions, like Tecnológico de Monterrey at Aguascalientes, Holiday Inn hotel in Aguascalientes, and Aldea Networking, among others.

The organization has sixty chapters in twenty-nine states today.
There are thirty-six members in Aguascalientes who provide jobs for 165 employees and generate sales worth 85 million pesos every year.

It is worth mentioning that AMEXME has a permanent, active relationship with the 120+ countries that constitute the FCEM (Les Femmes Chefs d’Enterprises Mondiales), a group that supports the Association’s activities.