Aguascalientes seeks for new investments in German...

Aguascalientes seeks for new investments in Germany

The Secretariat of Economic Development, through the Under-secretariat of Investment Promotion, has traveled to Germany with the intention of promoting the virtues of Aguascalientes as an attractive state for high-impact investments.

During the visit to the city of Stuttgart, the competitive advantages of Aguascalientes were showcased in front of representatives of Baden-Württemberg International and German businessman. In the presentation, the opportunities for the local industry and the current presence of German companies in the state were detailed:

“We talked about investment opportunities in Aguascalientes, emphasizing the state as a growing destination with a strong automotive sector, which has previously allowed us to attract German investments” said Undersecretary of Investment Promotion.

Through this meeting, the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedec) secured a visit of the German delegation to our state, which will be held at the beginning of next year and will seek to generate new commercial ties.

A country well perceived by the world

Macroeconomic factors such as trade agreements and the new federal government can generate uncertainty for attracting foreign investment in Mexico. However, our country has been able to overcome these issues, which has led to an even greater appeal to the international industry.

Uwe Erbs, Solutions Director at Santander Bank in Germany, highlighted Mexico’s virtues as an investment destination that has been able to resist the external effects of its economy.

For her part, Rosemarie Fleischmann, of Boege & Business, a company that attracts German companies to Mexico, said that our country stands out for its ability to get hold of investments in cooperative, which is also reflected in a great return on its human capital.

Aguascalientes was one of the most highlighted entities at the meeting of the German leaders in Stuttgart, where Sedec was the only representative of the country to attend, a prelude to the ties that will be generated during the visit by the German institutions to our country:

The objective was to promote the participation of a group of representatives of companies and associations from this state to make a trip to Mexico. It was agreed that they will visit Mexico City, Puebla, Queretaro and Aguascalientes, where we can find great opportunities for new companies to settle and generate better jobs” said the undersecretary.

Based on the established program, Sedec will continue making visits to different parts of Germany for the rest of the week, seeking to encourage new projects to be developed in cooperation with Aguascalientes. Members of the academic sector, such as the rectors of the technological universities and the Polytechnic University of Aguascalientes, have also joined this tour.