Aguascalientes gets into smart cars market with Me...

Aguascalientes gets into smart cars market with Mercedes-Benz

The Nissan-Renault-Daimler alliance has launched a new project for Aguascalientes. German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has recently announced production of its A-Class luxury sedan car to start in late 2018. The model will be manufactured in the state-based Cooperation Manufacturing Plant (COMPAS).

This effort will become an international benchmark since the model, to be built by local hands, will be distributed across the Americas beginning in 2019. Aguascalientes will be one of the only three manufacturers of the Mercedes-Benz’s A-Class worldwide, which will also be sold in Europe and China.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles built in Aguascalientes will incorporate leading-edge technology developed at the Advanced Design Centre in Sindelfingen, Germany. Cars will be equipped with AI systems like MBUX, which provides driving assistance, voiceactivated commands, automated driving features, device connectivity and a high-end technological design.

European automaker said this model will have “the world’s best aerodynamic performance,” with a drag coefficient (Cd) of only 0.22, an indicator that represents the lowest resistance to the surrounding air of a vehicle ever made.

Daimler’s project, in alliance with Nissan-Renault, reinforces Aguascalientes’ Automotive Industry’s forward-looking approach, with a firm commitment to global technology.

The COMPAS Alliance has represented a considerable growth to the state for some time, with a projection of 3,600 jobs generated for 2020. Although this is the first time the automotive group will produce a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, it has previously manufactured Nissan-Infinity luxury cars.