AGROESTIME, the company that drives Tepezala´s dev...

AGROESTIME, the company that drives Tepezala´s development

Agroestimulantes Mexicanos (Agroestime), established in Aguascalientes in 2003, is a company that specializes in the formulation, manufacture, and distribution of nutritional products for vegetables. With its products, Agroestime seeks to help farmers grow more efficient, top-quality crops that make an impact on human diet, so that they can be offered in more and better markets.

Gabriela Galicia Hernández and Héctor Rodríguez Bernal, worried about farmers being able to generate profits and protect the environment at the same time, started shaping the concept of what Agroestime is at present.

The road was not easy, but they gradually built what they have today: five lines of high-quality products, over two hundred clients—among distributors and farmers—in the country, seventy registered trademarks, twenty-two manufactured products, and a twenty percent annual growth rate.

It is clear to both Gabriela and Hector that collaborators are key to the company’s growth and the quality of its products. “We are an institution that contributes to the personal and professional growth of those who work with us, whether direct or indirectly. At the end of the day, they are core of the company,” said Galicia Hernández.

They are, too, conscious of how important human talent is. That is why it is in their plans to become a certified “Great Place to Work.” They want to keep working hard so that their collaborators and their families can have better quality lives.

Agroestime was born in Tepezalá, and it is there they
want to become consolidated. Apart from boosting the economic and social development of Hector’s hometown, their objective is to have their thirty-two collaborators’
grow professionally so that they positively impact their environment. They are currently developing several programs to achieve such a goal. One of them consists in helping people complete their studies to become better prepared.

Collaborators are not the only people receiving the company’s support. Agroestime works hard to safeguard its clients’ profits, ensuring distributors get the best returns and farmers produce the best crops.

These are some of the efforts Gabriela and Hector make every day to achieve their ultimate objective: to transcend by creating a positive impact on all the people who, directly or indirectly, may come in contact with Agroestime.

As for long-term plans, they want to obtain some certifications and start their expansion to Central and South America, to countries like Peru and Colombia. They want to continue growing. They want to continue being the drivers of positive change in their community.