A new outlook on economy: industry 4.0

A new outlook on economy: industry 4.0

Aguascalientes is drawing up a plan that looks towards the future. It is diversifying its economy and has set its sights on strategic areas that may help give a major boost to its industry. One of these is technology, which has been key to uncover the requirements demanded by Industry 4.0 and to continue to be an attractive center for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The objective of Industry 4.0 is the optimization of industrial processes and the eficient use of resources so that businesses can adapt to present market changes.

For almost four years, the Department for Economic Development (SEDEC) has engaged in promoting investment from international rms that specialize in this eld. For example, Flex, iTexico, and Tech Mahindra, according to the Secretary of Economic Development, Luis Ricardo Martínez, trust the state because of its safety, connectivity, and peacefulness.

FDI, Business education, and finance: SEDEC´S focus areas

Apart from drawing new investments, the Department has implemented various promotional strategies such as providing local companies with training programs for new technology adoption and innovation. With these strategies, companies can become suppliers to the big international players establishing themselves in Aguascalientes.

The Seminar on Technology 4.0 and the Course of Project Management 4.0 for business owners are two of the most recent initiatives from SEDEC to meet the State’s needs, which will allow companies to increase automation and digitalization of manufacturing processes.

The Department also offers the Intelligent Industry, along with Digitalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises program, which aim at promoting private investment in technology through pilot projects that are partially funded by the Government