A Driving Economy From Business Owners’ Point of V...

A Driving Economy From Business Owners’ Point of View

Over the years, Aguascalientes—one of the smallest states in the country—has managed to provide all of its residents with highly satisfactory living conditions. One of the most important economic observatories (México, ¿Cómo Vamos?) ranks the state third in the Social Progress Index with 71.1 points, just two points below Nuevo León (73.8) and Querétaro (73).

A national third place comes as no surprise as this tendency has been constant all year round and has generated a sense of pride and confidence in the people of Aguascalientes. These feelings guarantee a strong social policy to confront the effects of the coronavirus pandemic because, according to data from Citibanamex, our state will have an economic recovery rate of 5.9% in 2021, ranking it first among the states that make up the Centro-Bajío-Occidente Alliance and sixth nationwide. 

How has Aguascalientes obtained these figures? In the present administration, the combined work of the Departments that make up the State’s Economic Axis (Rural Development and Agribusiness, Economic Development, and Tourism) has resulted in synergies between local business owners and educational institutions that have proven paramount to this achievement.

Antonio Delgado, President of the Association Cattle Raisers from the Livestock Registry

“Working hand in hand with the government has made things really comfortable for us. We teamed up so that these programs would continue to work despite our inability to work the way we used to. Cattle raisers expos were one of the many activities proposed to boost the sector and contribute to the development of local producers”.

Luis Gerardo Pérez, from Granja Liliana 

“Producers have always been industrialists. Not only are we the primary sector of the economy, but we also work hard to develop value-added products for consumers to take to their tables”.

Rubén Acuña, from Granja El Trece de los Acuña

“Aguascalientes’ agricultural sector has remained strong, with a deep belief in continuous growth thanks to the unconditional support from the state government and from the professionalization of our sector through the addition of new generations of producers”.

Gerardo Palomo, sheep and goat breeder

“In recent years, the state has experienced a recovery in the national market. We expect to import sheep and goat embryos from Australia in the not-distant future. The project will open a range of possibilities in genetics not only for Aguascalientes, but for the entire country”.

Roberto Díaz Ruiz, State President of the National Chamber of Freight Transport (CANACAR)

“The infrastructure that has been built in Aguascalientes during the past four years has been planned with a forward-looking approach that aims at improving the quality of life of families while keeping a sustainable economic development”.

Manuel Rubio, Commercial Manager at O-TEK

“At our company, the only people who were not born in this state are the general director and I. Everybody else is from Aguascalientes. We bring many people from the surrounding towns to work here. They have proven to be highly qualified people”.

Mauricio Duarte Rodríguez, Regional Director of Grupo Financiero Banorte

“We have become empowered in the region as Aguascalientes’ economy is one of the strongest in the country. The state’s growth indicator sits above the national average while tolerating an interesting inflationary level”.

Alejandro Rojas, Director of the Aguascalientes International Airport 

“Despite present circumstances, we have experienced a steady monthly economic growth of around 6 percent. Before the pandemic we were operating 115 weekly flights. In October, however, we expect to reach 86 flights every week and we hope these numbers continue to grow by November, when new airlines begin operating”.

Carlos Cruz Reyes, Director of the Aguascalientes Bus Station

“Although the occupation rate has been largely affected, we did not conduct mass job cuts. Instead, we looked for other ways to keep advancing. The sector has begun showing signs of recovery, with a monthly increase of between two and four percent”.

Cristina Ruíz Velasco Ramírez, Los Olivos restaurant

“I’m happy to be in Aguascalientes, I feel protected by the state government. It is different from other places where there aren’t as many events and the businesses are still closed. The sector has been taken into account and protocols were designed so that we can continue to operate.”

Fernando Topete Ceballos, breeder of fighting bulls 

“Our ranch is operating at a thousand percent capacity. The business has grown and we are looking for a way to continue moving forward and continue producing through agriculture, as it is the necessary complement to economy.”