The local small venture that grew through mindfact...

The local small venture that grew through mindfacturing

While Aguascalientes companies are characterized by their great manufacturing potential—and whose performance ranks second in the country—, the capacity to generate solutions is probably their chief virtue.

Mindfacturing has become essential for the local industrial ecosystem, for it is a
culture that is shared not only by big companies but also by smaller ones. A clear example is TIIPSA, a silica manufacturer.

TIIPSA, a company that is proud to be from Aguascalientes, became part of the automotive supply chain since 2013 with one objective: reducing the ecological footprint of shell molding waste. The project was quite a challenge, since it was larger companies with advanced machinery who dominated the market.

Yet this company had a strategy which became its competitive edge: innovation. This small company—em- ploying eight people at the time—opted for developing its own technology to reduce costs and maximize production volume for their target customers.

After carrying out an in-depth analysis with the help from experts, the company found a formula to utilize waste
that was first considered as loss. It proved a sustainable solution to reduce consumption and transport of silica extracted from mines, as well as to lower amounts of waste in disposal centers.

Innovation produced immediate results. Several companies contracted TIIPSA’s services with small monthly orders of 50-100 tons. After some time, the country’s major OEM set eyes on the company’s project and requested to increase its capacity to one thousand tons.

That maked a watershed for the company, who is still seizing opportunities to grow. TIIPSA recently participated in a program to boost high-impact projects from SEDEC and federal government. The company received a fund that increased its productive capacity by 50%.

Almost six years after launching a seemingly impossible project, TIIPSA employs 21 people and is still trying to grow in the national and international markets. Its new goal is to achieve market diversification and enter new industries through research. “The industry and the world require all-embracing, precise, and readily available solutions. We want to develop a research center for raw materials and reach out for different sectors”, said Edgar González, the company’s CEO.